Standard Pricing

Standard Post Installation $35*
Flyer Box $6

Lock boxes $5 for installation, $5 for removal. (Clients are responsible to get us their lock boxes and we will store them)

Office pick-up $15

Riders $2
10 Month Extension Fee $10

*Price includes installation and removal. Invoices are sent via e-mail monthly after orders are completed.
Post installation charge includes removal.
Payment can be made via check, over the phone by credit card (one-time or automatic), or PayPal by email request.

Out of Area Pricing:

Standard Out of Area: $40

  • Paulden
  • Cedar Heights (Chino Valley)
  • Perkinsville East of M.A. Perkins (Chino Valley)
  • Beyond Dewey/Humbolt (Main St) to Poland Junction

Extended Out of Area: $45-50

  • Inscription Canyon to Crossroads Ranch
  • Poland Junction to Mayer/ Spring Valley
  • Cordes Junction
  • Skull Valley

Additional OOE Locations: $50 and up (price will be set based on location)

  • Wilhoit, Peeples Valley, Yarnell
  • Beyond Crossroads Ranch (Puntenney, Long Meadow, Las Vegas Ranch)

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